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We offer a diverse selection of top-tier security and home automation products and services tailored for both residential and commercial settings.


At CWC Security, we are dedicated to upholding the utmost standards in design, installation, and project management for security and communication systems. Our commitment includes comprehensive training programs for our staff to ensure they execute their tasks with safety and proficiency. Explore our extensive array of commercial and residential security solutions.


We will achieve continued business expansion by growing our client base and diversifying the services we offer. As our clients’ operations are positively impacted by our services, our business will prosper. Every aspect of CWC Security, LLC. is designed to add value and deliver an urgent response to your changing needs with the right technology, custom-configured solutions, innovative extranet tools, technical expertise, specialized services and ongoing support.



Ensuring the safety and security of your premises is crucial in today's world. At CWC Security, we understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to protecting what matters most to you.


As a leader in the alarm and security industry, we are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to your specific needs. With 25  years of expertise, our team specializes in designing, installing, and monitoring state-of-the-art security systems that offer comprehensive protection for residential and commercial spaces.





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Home Automation Products: Simplifying Your Life with Smart Technology


Discover how home automation products can simplify your life with smart technology. Explore the benefits of integrating smart devices into your home and how they can enhance convenience, security, and energy efficiency.


Enhancing Home Security: High Quality Products for Peace of Mind


Upgrade your home security with our high quality products and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your premises are well protected.

To reduce cybersecurity risks to the United States,
Section 889 of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act
(NDAA) prohibits the procurement of non–NDAA–compliant
security products by any government agency or recipient of
federal grants.
As part of a broader State and Local Cybersecurity Grant
Program (SLCGP), the Federal Emergency Management
Agency (FEMA) has now allocated over $370 million for
fiscal year 2023 in cybersecurity funding to aid and accelerate
the replacement of these devices with NDAA–compliant
products. This “rip and replace” program is part of a larger
$1 billion FEMA cybersecurity initiative.
SLCGP grants are available to state, local, and territorial
(SLT) governments and agencies, including schools and
municipalities, in all 50 U.S. states and territories.
Businesses that are sub–recipients of a state, local, or
territorial government receiving SLCGP funding are also
eligible for the program.

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Modern. Smart. Versatile.

Alula provides innovative technology covering both products and services for professional security systems for security dealers and system integrators. This includes a mobile app, dealer portal, security panel, system controllers, communicators, cameras, sensors and translators. All designed to seamlessly work together, save time and reduce costs.

Honeywell Home

Update Notice:


The Resideo app in all regions will be undergoing maintenance between Monday April 3rd and Thursday April 6th for approximately 4 hours each day (12:00 AM EST to 4:00 AM EST).
Connected devices will continue to function but may not be controllable through the app for short periods during these time windows.


Reducing Germs with Touchless Solutions

A touchless calling sensor from Aiphone enables visitors, vendors, and employees to initiate a contactless call. Which is simply done by holding up their hand in front of the sensor, reducing exposure to germs in high-touch areas.

How often should my security system be checked?


The amount of maintenance your CCTV cameras will need is dependent on their location and how easily knocked or damaged they are, but we’d recommend looking over your CCTV cameras at least once a month to ensure that they are functioning properly and keeping your property protected.

We’d also recommend that you have your systems checked over annually by a professional service as they will be able to conduct more in-depth checks than you are capable of and spot and rectify any developing problems early on, increasing the lifespan of your system.

The Benefits of Integrating with Net2

Integrate Net2 with other leading security systems to offer your customers a complete solution, providing them with streamlined security for their building! Integration makes monitoring, updating and reporting much easier so your customers can use their time and resources more efficiently.


* Create a complete security solution for your customers

* Manage fire & intruder alarms with Net2

* Combine CCTV with access control

* Using biometric readers with your Net2 system

See integrated Net2 systems in action

Fire alarm systems must be inspected, tested and maintained 
regularly to comply with the codes and regulations of your 
local and/or state jurisdiction. The codes and standards set forth
 by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) are followed to 
ensure life and property are protected in the event of a fire. 

CWC Security is Avigilion Partner for your access and security needs.


Our video, cloud and access control solutions seamlessly integrate across your entire video security system to provide you with the right information at the right time — so you can take decisive action.

Powered by advanced AI and video analytics we keep our technology simple and easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most.

Lutron Pro 


Radio Ra2 , Ra3 Certifed


Smart lighting home automation.



Lutron Pro Link


• Automate outdoor lighting. Schedule lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise,
 or whatever schedule
they prefer.

• Add a switch anywhere.The perfect solution for spaces like garages, hallways,
 and kitchens, where an 
existing switch may not be in a convenient spot.

• Add bedside convenience. Use a remote to turn off lights after getting into bed.

• Add flexibility to a room. Create the perfect light for every activity, 
by setting up scenes. Ideal for 
multifunctional spaces like the kitchen, living room, and dining room.

• Create a lived-in look. Use the Smart Away feature in the Lutron App to 
randomly turn lights on/off when
away on vacation.

• Add another option for hands-free control. Use smart motion sensors to 
automatically turn on and off
garage and hallway lights without needing to put them on a schedule.

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