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We can provide a range of high quality security & home automation products and services for both the Home and Business. 


CWC Security strives to maintain the highest standards of design, installation, and project management for security, and communication installations by providing training for our employees to perform their work safely and efficiently. We offer a wide range of commercial and home security services .


We will achieve continued business expansion by growing our client base and diversifying the services we offer. As our clients’ operations are positively impacted by our services, our business will prosper. Every aspect of CWC Security, LLC. is designed to add value and deliver an urgent response to your changing needs with the right technology, custom-configured solutions, innovative extranet tools, technical expertise, specialized services and ongoing support.


Paxton Access Control with IntegratedSolutions

CWC Security is Dealer with Paxton Access Control System

Paxton Acccess Control


The Benefits of Integrating with Net2

Integrate Net2 with other leading security systems to offer your customers a complete solution, providing them with streamlined security for their building! Integration makes monitoring, updating and reporting much easier so your customers can use their time and resources more efficiently.


Biometric Authentication with Net2 Access Control

Allowing enrolment of biometric data, such as fingerprint scanning and iris recognition, helps to create a contactless solution with Net2 access control.


Increase your business opportunities for higher security sites when you offer feature-rich access control with biometric authentication.


Create a complete security solution for your customers

Manage fire & intruder alarms with Net2

Combine CCTV with access control

Using biometric readers with your Net2 system

See integrated Net2 systems in action


Save Time with Integrated Fire & Intruder Alarms

Fire & intruder alarm integration are native features of the Net2 system and can add an extra layer of safety and security to a user's building. Your installers can program their Net2 system to automatically open fire doors in the event of an emergency and run reports to ensure all users on site have evacuated safely.


Building Surveillance & Access Control in One Place

Streamline your Net2 system with CCTV for a quick, efficient way to view footage linked to specific access events or doors. This makes it quick and easy to review CCTV footage from within your Net2 system.


Today, the vast majority of buildings with access control also have video surveillance installed. By integrating the two, system management and site security become much simpler.


Save time by combining access control and intruder alarms to reduce the risk of false alarms. Control your intruder and access systems as one, with the option to arm the alarm when a building is empty or disarm the alarm when a door is opened by authorised personnel.


Read application notes AN1031 (fire) and AN1035 (intruder) for more info.


Net2 software is designed to easily integrate with other security systems, so you can offer your customers a complete solution. By integrating with other security systems your customers can enjoy more streamlined security for their building.

All Net2 integrations are developed, maintained and supported by our third-party partners.


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