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 Residental Alarm & Fire Permits



A home alarm permit is mandatory for residents of many major cities and counties, mainly to address the issue of false alarms. Many of the laws date back a decade or more, when home security systems and monitoring services were less sophisticated and homeowners less familiar with them.



Alarm permits were introduced as a way to reduce the number of false alarms, and the unnecessary distraction and expense they caused police and fire departments.

Some localities have a single alarm permit, regardless of the type of alarm, while others make a distinction between fire, police or combined fire and police alarm permits. For example, if you only have a monitored smoke detector, you may only need the fire alarm permit. If you have a complete monitored security system (including smoke detectors), you may need a single permit that covers everything, or separate fire and police alarm permits if there is no combined option.




What is a False Alarm?
A false alarm is a notification of an alarm to the police department when the responding officers find no evidence of criminal offense or attempted criminal offense. False alarms delay police from responding to actual calls for police service.


Are a nuisance to you and your neighbors.

Make your security system less reliable.

Make you reluctant to use your system.

Please Click on Links below: 

Nassau County Fire Marshal  Fire  Permit

Nassau County Police  Alarm Permit


All Nassau County residents served by the Nassau County Police Department must register their alarm system. The Nassau County alarm permit initial registration fee is $100 for residential and $200 for commercial. The permit will be valid for 2 years. Permits are non-transferable. You can apply online. Use this link for access to the


Any locations not registered will be accessed a fine for the first false alarm in addition to the alarm permit registration fee. Registered locations will be allowed 2 false alarms before they are assessed any fines. The phone number for the Nassau County Police Permit program is (516) 573-7862. Please check with your local jurisdiction to confirm permit requirements.

Suffolk Alarm Permit


All Suffolk County residents served by the Suffolk County Police Department must register their alarm system. The Suffolk County alarm permit initial registration fee is $50 for residential and $100 for commercial. Annual renewals are $25 for residential and $50 for commercial. Permits are non-transferable. 



Suffolk County Alarm Permit


Any locations not registered will be accessed a service charge (fine) for the first false alarm. Registered locations will be allowed 2 false alarms before they are assessed any fines. The phone number for the Suffolk County Police Permit program is (631) 852-5276. Please check with your local jurisdiction to confirm permit requirements.

City Of Long Beach  Alarm Permit



The City of Long Beach, NY amended the code of ordinances of the City of Long Beach regarding automatic alarm systems on July 5, 2012.

Alarm system shall mean any alarm device which automatically dials the emergency telephone number of the police and uses pre-taped or pre-recorded messages to alert the police that an emergency exists or that the services of that department are needed. "Alarm system" shall also mean any alarm device which automatically emits an audible, visual, or other similar response upon the occurrence of any hazard or emergency, and is intended to alert persons outside the building to the existence of said hazard or emergency. An alarm system as defined in this section shall not include fire alarms for the purposes of this article, but shall include alarm signals transmitted to privately operated central stations.


Permit FeeNew Installs

Residential: $75

Commercial: $150


Residential: $50

Commercial: $100

Permit is valid for 1 year from the issue date.

Permit can be transferred if same owner and to a new address within the jurisdiction.

It shall be the duty of the alarm user to properly use the alarm system and to maintain it mechanically and technically to ensure safe and responsible operation and minimize the number of false alarms.

A separate permit shall be required for each separate alarmed building or facility, and for each separate alarm system.


Freeport Police Alarm 


Alarm Permits

The Village of Freeport is also now requiring that each premises protected by an alarm system be registered with the Village Clerk.  This new regulation has been shown in many other communities nationwide to substantially reduce the number of false alarms.

Effective Tuesday, July 5, 2011, enforcement of Local Law 2-2010, Chapter 72 of the Code of the Village of Freeport, will commence.  Anyone who controls a premise that is protected by an alarm system as defined in this law must immediately apply for an alarm permit.

Some important features to be aware of:

An alarm installer is required to assure a permit has been taken out prior to any installation.

Each type of alarm requires a permit.  Types of alarms include intrusion, fire, hazardous materials, etc.

Fees are authorized to help cover the cost of the alarm regulation.  Fees are $50 per annum per type of alarm, or $125 for a three (3) year permit per alarm type.

All alarm systems must be monitored by a central alarm service.

The alarm law extends to both residential and commercial premises.

After a response to a call that is determined to be a false alarm, the alarm user may be required to take corrective action.

Alarm Users or Alarm Installers may be subject to certain civil fees and/or criminal penalties for failure to take corrective actions recommended by an emergency service. 

Please take whatever steps are necessary to prevent any violations of these ordinances.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Freeport Village Clerks Office at (516) 377-2300.

Riverhead Police Department


Emergency Alarm Registration