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A wide range of security & home automation services for your home & business.

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We can provide a range of high quality security & home automation products and services for both the Home and Business. 


CWC Security strives to maintain the highest standards of design, installation, and project management for security, and communication installations by providing training for our employees to perform their work safely and efficiently. We offer a wide range of commercial and home security services .


We will achieve continued business expansion by growing our client base and diversifying the services we offer. As our clients’ operations are positively impacted by our services, our business will prosper. Every aspect of CWC Security, LLC. is designed to add value and deliver an urgent response to your changing needs with the right technology, custom-configured solutions, innovative extranet tools, technical expertise, specialized services and ongoing support.


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Alula Security  

Peace of mind you can see.
Home and away.


Avoid the DIY trap
Installing a video doorbell or mounting a security camera isn’t as easy as it looks. Save time and sleep well knowing it was done right by a professional.
Protected by professionals
Unlike self-monitored systems, professional monitoring is 24 x 7. Rest easy knowing there’s a pro always on watch to protect what matters most.
Control at your fingertips
On-the-go lifestyles need mobile access to smart home security. With our smartphone app, you can control every part of your system. If you can text or take a picture on your smartphone, controlling your system is a breeze.


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CWC Security is Dealer & Partner with Alula Secrurity