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Central Station Monitoring

• 24 hour UL Listed Central Station Monitoring

• NYC FDNY Commerial Fire UL Listed Monitoring

• Total Connect Remote Access (Alarm, Door Locks, Thermostats, Lighting, and CCTV Cameras)

• Digital-Radio-Cellular

Our facilities were constructed to the strictest standards, enabling us to achieve the highest recognition in our industry – 5 Diamond Certification by the Central Station Alarm Association. Metrodial was especially designed and constructed to meet UL specifications for Central Station Monitoring.

The safety measures and backups are all built in so we can continuously protect your customers against fire, burglary, personal and environmental emergencies. Metrodial continues to invest in the DICE automation system so we can provide the fastest response to any alarm condition. And our Nationwide toll-free lines allow us to monitor any premise or commercial establishment throughout the United States and Caribbean.

At Metrodial, our mission is to offer both the latest technologies and the highest level of service. We are thoroughly dedicated to ensuring that all of your customers have the maximum security and protection available today. Metrodial is in a class by itself for providing the very best in equipment, expertise and dealer services. That's why we are the New York metropolitan area's premiere Central Station.

The dispatch times at Metrodial are among the fastest and most accurate in the industry. We offer the very best in customer service and business and residential monitoring solutions while maintaining competitive prices.

Metrodial offers our customers the confidence to manage their accounts with instant, accurate information via Metrolink. This services allows our customers to access their customers' account profiles online, instantly, for real-time account information and status—providing better service and more responsiveness to end users.

Additionally, Metrodial enables our customers to issue comprehensive open and close reporting. This is particularly important for businesses that need to know exactly who is coming and going around their facility or office around the clock.

Metrodial ,We provide all of the newest and best formats and technology available, allowing us to monitor a wide variety of services, including:

  • Digital transmission
  • Long-range radio
  • Cellular
  • Internet
  • Remote video
  • Listen-in/two-way voice
  • Off-site access control administration
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

We are NYC Fire approved to monitor fire alarm systems throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

  • UL 2050 (National Industrial Securities Systems Monitoring)
  • UL CPVX-UL Central Station Burglary Alarm Systems
  • CVSG-UL Mercantile Burglary Alarm Systems
  • UUFX Protective signaling Services
  • NYC Fire Approved
  • CSAA 5-Diamond Certified

And our nationwide toll-free lines allow us to monitor any premise or commercial establishment throughout the continental United States.

Use a smartphone or computer to remotely arm and disarm your security system and manage lights, temperature and video surveillance from anywhere.


With an average response time of one minute or less, Guardian is able to quickly determine the nature of your emergency and dispatch the police, EMS or fire department.


Customize a perimeter of defense with glass break detectors, motion sensors, window and door contacts, interactive indoor/outdoor cameras, window decals and yard signs.


Our wireless home security system keeps working even if the power fails, the phone fails, or the lines are cut.


Our security camera systems let you see inside and outside of your home from your smartphone or computer, taking peace of mind to the next level.


Thru Honeywell 2.0 App  

We also offer Alarm.com Monitoring Services 

Through our partnership with Alarm.com, we offer the following mobile solutions in your area:

Mobile Security

Control your security system, including arming and disarming;

Create automatic arming schedules that fit your lifestyle;

Set up real-time text or email notifications for events you specify;

View activity reports that let you know if doors, windows, medicine cabinets, safes, etc. have been accessed.


Watch live or recorded video on your smartphone or computer;

Set up motion-triggered recordings so you know if a certain area is accessed or if a door is opened;

Get text or email alerts for events you specify;

Store clips for future access.

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Metrodial Corporation

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Hicksville, NY 11801